Illustration – Terrace Fields


This illustration is inspired by the spectacular landscapes formed from terrace farming around the world.  The agricultural form has been around over a thousand years and could be found today in many countries like China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, …. etc. This shows the incredible human wisdom in dealing with the nature’s challenge.

‘Terrace farming is a type of farming that consists of different “steps” or terraces. This method of farming uses “steps” that are built into the side of a mountain or hill. On each level, various crops are planted. When it rains, instead of washing away all of the nutrients in the soil, the nutrients are carried down to the next level. Additionally, these steps prevent a free flowing avalanche of water that would take plants with it and destroy all of the crops on the hillside. This system also allowed them to build aqueducts, which carried water to each level.’  (Source: Wikipedia)


Rice Paddy Fields Vietnam


Terrace fields in Yunnan China