Illustration – Hungry Heart


Everybody’s got a hungry heart.  An attempt to try a light-hearted doodle.  Inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s hit.


Illustration – Surfing USA


Everybody’s gone surfin’.  Surfin’ U.S.A.  Happy Independence Day!

Inspired by Beach Boys’ 1960s hit.  Here’s a video of the original performance.


Photo Manipulation – Marlene on the wall


Marlene watches from the wall


Her mocking smile says it all

This post is inspired by an old song of Suzanne Vega.  The song was written for the actress Marlene Dietrich.   I literally put Marlene On The Wall with photo manipulation as a tribute to the icon.  The original cool illustration of Marlene Dietrich portrait in the first photo is by Alexey Kurbatov.

Listen to Suzanne Vega’s Marlene On The Wall