Illustration – Blooming Flowers & Honey Bees


It’s spring time. This is an illustration showing blooming flowers and busy bees in this lovely season.

The blending mode is applied in creating the color effects of the flower petals.


Illustration – Christmas Tree

A festive graphic. 

It’s easy to create the tree line graphic with Adobe Illustrator. Just draw a straight line, then applying zig zag effect (rounding the corners). Further applying the Warp effect, using the Shell Lower option. It would turn into a tree shaped line graphic. Click Expand Appearance and you can adjust the width of the tree shape more accurately.

Graphic – Bamboo Barcode


This bamboo barcode design symbolizes and supports green commerce. Consumers should consider the impact on the environment when doing shopping.  This also applies to business segment in regards to the business operation, sourcing, manufacturing, selling and delivering, … etc.