Illustration – Happy Hour Cocktail

Another piece of work on the theme Happy Hour.



Merry Christmas

This is not a finished artwork as the layout is quite messy, but just my exercise to practise on various typography and text effects for a greeting message. For convenient, I put all the applications on a piece of layout so I don’t treat this as a formal piece. The function used including envelop distort (top object), warp, type on a path.  I got more familiar with the applications after this exercise and will consider to come up with some typography artworks in the future.

Thank you for stopping by, happy holidays to all.

Illustration – Rainbow Pencil Coloring Trees

Here’s an illustration of trees in vibrant colors. The rainbow colors deliver a sense of harmony. The result graphic looks quite festive.

To create the color tree lines, simply applying Stylize Effect with Scribble on a straight color line to make a curvy line in tree shape. Repeat the steps and fill in different colors for each one.  Illustrating the color pencils, re-position and match each pencil with the respective color trees.

Illustration – Christmas Tree

A festive graphic. 

It’s easy to create the tree line graphic with Adobe Illustrator. Just draw a straight line, then applying zig zag effect (rounding the corners). Further applying the Warp effect, using the Shell Lower option. It would turn into a tree shaped line graphic. Click Expand Appearance and you can adjust the width of the tree shape more accurately.